Priority School Information

Priority School Interventions

“South Dakota will implement effective dramatic, systemic change in the lowest-performing schools by publicly identifying “Priority Schools” and ensuring that each LEA with one or more of these schools implements, for three years meaningful interventions aligned with the turnaround principles in each of these schools”(pg. 54 Approved Flexibility waiver).

  • Districts with 50% or more of their schools designated as Priority will have a technical advisor appointed by SDDOE, assigned to them to assist with governance issues. In addition 20% of their Title I Part A funds must be designated for Priority School Interventions.
  • Districts with Priority Schools will be required to implement the Academy of Pacesetting Districts within the first year of being identified. *
  • Priority Schools will implement SD LEAP (Indistar) through the Academy experience. The teams will be trained during the kickoff meeting to use the District Set of indicators. In year two the team will work on the school turnaround set of indicators in SD LEAP at the school level.
  • Priority Schools will conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment led by approved personnel. *
  • Priority schools will be required to redesign the school day, week or year to include additional time for meaningful student learning and teacher collaboration.
  • Priority Schools will be required to implement the Multi-tiered System of Support (South Dakota RtI)*
  • Districts must review to performance of the current principal and either replaces the principal or demonstrates to the SEA that the current principal has a track record in improving achievement and has the ability to lead the turnaround effort.
  • Districts must provide the principal with operational flexibility in the areas of scheduling, staff, curriculum and budgeting.
  • The District must provide adequate resources (human, physical, and fiscal) to assist in the implementation and achievement of school program goals.
  • The District must provide professional development opportunities specific to prioritized needs as identified in the comprehensive needs assessment
  • The District must inform the district’s board of education and the public on the school’s progress towards achieving adequate progress and student achievement.
  • The School must ensure that the instructional program is research based, rigorous and aligned with the common core state standards.
  • Ensure through the teacher evaluation process that teachers are effective and able to improve instruction. Based on the teacher evaluation processes the principal will 1. Review the quality of all staff and retain only those who are determined to be effective and have the ability to be successful in the turnaround effort, 2. Prevent ineffective teachers from transferring to these Priority Schools, 3.Provide job embedded ongoing professional development informed by the teacher evaluation and support systems and tied to teacher and student needs.
  • The School must provide opportunities for parent and community involvement in the decision-making process regarding curriculum, assessment, reporting, and school environment.


These meaningful interventions aligned to the federal turnaround principles will be implemented in all identified Priority Schools beginning in the fall of the 2012-2013school year. All interventions are thoughtfully wrapped around a central theme of developing teams at both the district and school level which, when effectively implemented, purposed, organized and supervised will provide an infrastructure for continuous improvement. 

Our Priority Schools with in the district are as follows:


Mayfield Colony Elementary (K-8)