Online Learning

Online and distance education has been well established in academia for over a decade, which offered students the convenience of learning at their own time during their hectic schedules.  Online learning in high schools have offered students an opportunity in rural America to take classes that were not afford to them a generation ago.

Online schooling is not a replacement to the traditional brick and mortar school, but a supplement to the existing curriculum by offering students more classroom options that are not afford to them in the current curriculum, improve their GPA, or even take additional classes to challenge them for the 21st century in being forward thinking and world ready for the globalized economy dealing with the service industry and the implementation of modern manufacturing.

Being an online learner requires students to be able to handle a rigors of a strict schedule of their daily lives and be able to be independent enough to learn, analyze and evaluate the curriculum effectively.  At Willow Lake School District 12-3, we want students to succeed because in the end when they enter the workforce they represent  the embodiment of the school district within the globalized society.

All our virtual courses are through APEX Learning, which many school districts around South Dakota and throughout the nation are using this platform for allowing students to succeed so they can meet or exceed their expectations for 21st century learning.